A luscious massage using pure aromatherapy essence combined with sweet almond oil to release the energy flow throughout the body. This treatment will improve blood circulation, relax muscles, tension and mind.

With the help of our therapist, you could chose the essential oil best fit for your needs: relaxing, toning, purifying.

$26/ $35              60mn/90mn


Traditional Khmer

Yoga like treatment, that uses no oil, but stretching and working on specific pressure points to release the energy and tension of the body. The focus is mainly on the legs and back.

$20/$28              60mn/90mn


Herbal compress

Gentle massage using heated herbal compress to relieve muscular and joint pains.

Extremely good for enhancing blood circulation.

30$/40$             60mn/90mn



Using lemongrass essence, our therapist will work on lymphatic drainage in order to improve the lymph flow. Specially good for diminishing cellulite, firming and toning of the body.

$30/$40             60mn/90mn


Head/Back and shoulder

Perfect treatment for headaches, stress, shoulder cramps and back aches.

$23                   60mn 


Oriental foot

Experience the power of touch with this massage that works on the reflex point in the foot. It will provide relief from many of the body’s aches, balance the energy and enhance immunity.

20$                  60mn



Prices subject to 10% VAT




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